Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Journey, The Moment

This is a sharing of my journey, which happens within each moment. I know that at a deeper level, we are all connected, so perhaps I am sharing our journey, our moment, from the perspective of this individualized soul.

And what does Feng Shui have to do with this journey and this moment? For me, Feng Shui is so much in my bones and my soul that it has become a part of me. This is Inner Feng Shui, a warm inner guide that provides beacons as I move through experiences. It's the sacred geometry of the Bagua, with me at its center. The richness of attention to my mind and my surroundings as they combine and reflect each other. Inner Feng Shui is inner movement, from one idea to the next, choices, judgements, acceptance and rejection, emotions, the inner flow of chi that continues on. The inner flow leads to outer action (yang). Or to stillness (yin).  Or it becomes stuck. All this movement and flow, or stillness, stuckness, it is all sacred. It is all perfection.

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